21 de març de 2019

Les 10 fotografies més impressionants del concurs de National Geographic

Més de 94.000 usuaris van participar amb les seves fotos de la fauna i flora del nostre planeta a Instagram

21.03.2019 | 17:56

Un concurs de fotografia llançat a Instagram pel compte oficial de National Geographic va animar els usuaris a compartir les seves fotografies més impressionants de la fauna i la flora del nostre planeta amb el pretext de celebrar els més de 100 milions de seguidors que la marca va aconseguir en la xarxa social.

En 24 hores, la revista va rebre més de 94.000 mencions amb l'etiqueta #natgeo100contest i l'equip de National Geographic es va haver de posar fil a l'agulla per reduir a 10 les imatges més impactants. La decisió final la van deixar per als més de 100 milions de seguidors, als quals es va demanar que votessin per la seva favorita perquè es convertís en la guanyadora.

"Cada dia els nostres fotògrafs et mostren el seu món. Per un dia, et desafiem a que ens mostris el teu". El primer lloc va ser per Ketan Khambhatta, amb la seva meravellosa foto presa a la Reserva Nacional Masai Mara, Kenya, que va ser premiat amb un viatge juntament amb National Geographic per realitzar un safari fotogràfic a Tanzània valorat en més de 10.000 dòlars.

A continuació, la fotografia guanyadora i les de la resta dels finalistes:


The great migration #natgeo100contest

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Congratulations to @natgeo for reaching 100 million followers. To celebrate I am posting my most Nat Geo inspired photo for the #natgeo100contest . I took this portrait of a #whaleshark surrounded by #sardines off of #mafiaisland #tanzania . This particular individual had a large but healed over sharkbite wound on its right pectoral fin which made it very distinctive. It also had a very curious personality and would actually change direction to swim directly over and investigate our boat. I tagged and observed this individual come back to this site for several years. For this shot I love the way the surface and the swirling school of sardines naturally frame the #shark. There is a great amount of movement in this still image. Whale sharks are a combination of size, power, and grace dressed up in a exotic pattern of spots. Their docile dispositions make them easily approachable. They have become a superstar of the marine #ecotourism industry and seeing them impresses everyone lucky enough to get in the water with them. #nature #naturephotography #wildlife #wildlifephotography #underwater #underwaterphotography #sharkdiving #africa #eastafrica #indianocean #fish #bigfish #spots #sharks #whalesharks #underwaterworld #sealife #seacreatures #underthesea #natgeoyourshot #snorkeling #natgeowild #aquaticadigital

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One of my favorite images captured this year so far, I'm reposting this for the #natgeo100contest Congrats on all that you do, Natgeo! Keep it up! I think this photo perfectly captures the drama of predator/prey interactions; life or death for both animals can hinge on each hunt and each escape. Though it looks like the egret has a sure meal, this frog actually got away! #egret #greategret #frog #nature_sultans #allnatureshots #wildlifeonearth #wildlifeplanet #animalelite #splendid_animals #exclusive_wildlife #nature_perfection #wildlifephotographic #wildlife_supreme #wildplanetphotomag #photoarena_nature #animalfanatics #wildlife #wildlifephotography #nature #naturephotography #natgeo #natgeowild #floridawildlife #florida #nikon #birds #birdsofinstagram #ribbit #frogsleapwinery

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Here I share again my most loved photograph, which brought to my entire instagram blog many interesting followers? These curious lambs are the little part of the huge animal market in Marneuli, Georgia. The market is divided into three parts: The horses' part, the sheep part and the cows' part. This rainy and cloudy day was the first day for me to be there and to see animal market at all. Shooting by shooting, slow by slow I got to this car and noticed those two lambs, sleeping inside cosily, then noticed this red leather armchair and started shooting untill the lambs woke up and I appeared in the car, ending up with this alive, true, sad and beautiful story ???#natgeo100contest

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I'm so honored to be in the top ten finalists (of 94,000 entries) in National Geographic's ? contest @natgeo @lakesidebklyn @prospectpark Update: Man and beasts: National Geographic celebrates being the first brand to hit 100m Instagram followers by revealing the winner of its stunning photo contest Nearly 94,000 photos were entered worldwide for a 24-hour contest that celebrated the iconic magazine joining the same league as celebrities such as Selma Gomez and Justin Bieber. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6758393/Awesome-photos-National-Geographic-Instagram-photography-contest-100-million-followers.html?ito=email_share_article-bottom https://www.instagram.com/p/BujxJeeBPIn/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=16h4jbspepxg0

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